How do I migrate a project from one account to another account?

Please note: This migration will not include milestones, messages, pages, or users.

To move tickets to another project, you (the current logged in profile you will be using to migrate the tickets) must be a member of both accounts/project.

Run a search in the project for all which will return everything, then select the **bulk edit ** option. Next click the advanced option, which will give you a new field in the bulk edit form.


account:"Account Name" project:"Project Name"
in to the advanced field, with the correct account/project names you wish to move the tickets to.

Next, make sure all the tickets are selected, and run the bulk edit. The migration takes a few moments.

To preserve milestones, we suggest moving the milestones for each project one at a time, creating the milestones in the new project as you go and assigning the tickets there.