Raygun.io https://raygun.io/ is an error tracking service that helps you build better software, allowing your team to keep an eye on the health of your applications by notifying you of software bugs in real time. Raygun works with every major web and mobile programming language and platform. It's fully integrated with Lighthouse and getting started is easy!


Within your Raygun dashboard, head over to Application Settings > Integrations, and choose Lighthouse:

List of integrations

Go to the setup tab, and enter the URL of your Lighthouse account, and your API token:


Once you've selected your project, make sure you enable the activation:


Creating tickets

Now, when you are looking at an error, you will see a Lighthouse icon on the top right:


You can link to an existing ticket, or create a new ticket. Let's create a new ticket:


You'll get the link to the newly created ticket:


And you're all set!

Ticket in Lighthouse