How do I send tickets via email?

If you're like most, you spend a lot of time in your inbox. You might receive troubleshooting request or bug reports through your email, so it's only natural that you should be able to create and update tickets from your inbox.

Creating New Tickets

In the Tickets area of every project, on the right hand side below People Watching This Ticket, there is an email address specifically for your project that can be used by all members of the project. The people who use this email must be a member and must send emails from the email address they use with Lighthouse.


Replying to tickets

// Add your reply above here
rick updated this ticket at October 02, 2008 21:36

My rockband drumset is broken.  My life is OVER!

State: new

To update this ticket directly, simply reply to it in your email client and type your response above the equal signs (=). If you didn't get an email, you can find the unique email address for each ticket on the ticket's web address. It'll be in the form of

You can also create a new ticket by emailing Lighthouse directly. The email address is in a similar form, and located on the ticket query page. The title of the email is used as the title of the ticket, and the email body is used as the ticket's body.


If you have problems, both you and I will get an email with the error message. Here's a quick rundown of the common ones.

401 Error

This message should resemble something like Failed for to activereload: "Failed with 401" This means that authentication failed. Check these issues:

Invalid Token

This probably means that you've sent the message to the wrong email address, or it doesn't fit the correct format.

Invalid Ticket

If you get this, it means the Professor (the name of our email processing script) couldn't decipher the email message and find anything addressed to Lighthouse.

Invalid Sender

This means the Professor couldn't decipher the email message and find your email address.

Other Errors

If you get other errors, please file a new ticket

There may be some issues with weird encodings or HTML mails. Having good sample test cases will help us resolve the issues quickly.