What permission levels are available for projects in Lighthouse?

When you create your Lighthouse project, you have three options for project type:

  • Private project - This project is only viewable and editable by its members.
  • Public project - This project's tickets and milestones can be viewed by anyone. Additionally, any invited user may add new tickets.
  • Open Source project - This project's code, resources, or material are freely available to the public. This project is searchable and viewable by the public.

To create a new project, go to youraccount.lighthouseapp.com/projects/new:


Who can post to my projects?

In order to comment or create a ticket in any Lighthouse project, a user profile is required.

For Private projects, the user profile must be a member of the account-and have access to that specific project-in order to create a ticket. *Members should be trusted, as they will have access to the entire project; they may create, delete, edit any ticket, message, or page related to that project.

For Public projects, any user with a Lighthouse profile may post, though they cannot edit.

OSS project members need to be invited to post/modify tickets. Anyone user can post a ticket to an OSS project as long as they have a Lighthouse profile.

Members and private/public projects count towards your plan's limitations. You may invite as many users as you wish.